Featuring a strong strength and established since 1994, Perfect Group is headquartered at Hong Kong, and carries out businesses around the globe, including China, China Hong Kong, China Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries and regions. In 2020, Perfect International launched the new Omni+, which is used together with APP to create a win-win platform for shopping, food, life and entertainment. We will collect discounts and activities around the globe for you. Through Omni+, members can shop, have fun, chat and share at any time, and earn Omni+ Token (OT), which can be used for shopping, cash deduction or gift exchange. Moreover, members can also obtain additional OT as a reward by purchasing Perfect products and participating in activities and events.

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Multimedia social e-commerce of Perfect/ e-merchants Affiliate Program

Perfect International, by virtue of its firm belief, support of global partners and strong resources, will open up more markets, create more diversified high-quality products and services, and attract more members, so as to assist you to build large community. Through the multimedia social e-commerce platform, establish a global sales network, develop your own business, and share the profit. Don't hesitate, immediately experience the perfect life that Perfect brings you "Save Money, Share Profit, Start Business"!